Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my oh my

Well I missed the most perfect not cleaning a stinky diaper up yesterday so I vowed that if I saw her start to act like she was gonna fill her pants i would try her out on the potty. Well just now she started to push so I said hey lets go on the potty and rushed her in there. She sat on the potty for about 30 seconds and tried to get up, I sat her back down and she went #2. I started clamping and telling her she is such a big girl. When she stood up she looked in and got excited, I gave her a orange Hershey Kiss, her favorite. I am so excited, I know she is not really ready to go in by herself and all but hey every bit that doesn't go in her diaper helps. I just hope that we can move forward from here; maybe she will take to it really well!

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leslie mae said...

I would take it and run!! The sooner the better in my opinion!!! YEA!!