Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Van Gogh, Picasso and Bergman

Introducing for the first time Alexis Bergman Master Artist:

I finally let her finger paint. I have been putting it off because well it can be really messy. So I got out the paint, sure it was dried up and I had to add water and mix it, I taped her paper down and let her go. She really didn't want to get messy, would only put her finger in and when I put her hand in the paint she would give a funny look and go back to using one finger. Anyways she had fun so now I am going to buy new paint and let her do it more often. I am going to buy some more puzzles because she is good at them. Learning is so much fun, her favorite letter is O right now. When we sing the alphabet she says O alot. She loves Ring around the Rosie and will turn around in a circle as a sing it. She can make the animal sound for 8 animals dog, cat, owl, wolf, bear(that goes for any animal that growls too), cow, sheep and chicken. She can suck on her toes(current activity) and loves babies. She says pink, blue, and brown too. I love her!She can do tricks too just look at the walk with a cup between you legs and Just look at the bracelet on your nose trick! Caution don't try these at home, done by a professional on a closed course. We didn't show her these she made them up on her own.

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Jenn said...

So cute! I can verify the bracelet around her nose! It was pretty funny!