Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday the 25th is bad luck

I have just been have bad luck today. First I lost my wallet; I was on my way to get a new license and decided to stop and check Fred Meyer one more time. Well they had it, yeah even though I already canceled my cards and checks. I need to get milk and so we went to Safeway. We got milk and I thought that my day was starting to go better....haha....better think again. As we were leaving this guy decided to start backing up to get to a parking space he had passed. I stopped and we thought for sure he would too; tried to put into reverse and honked the horn, nope he didn't. He crunched my car hard and was actually stuck to me for a second. Well he got out and was trying to say I ran into him. Well he got his insurance card out and I started writing the info down and my dad asked for his address, since he had a PO box and phone #, he didn't know his number. He tried looking on his cell phone and couldn't find it, here is where it gets interesting, he hands the phone to my dad and says"I can't find it can you?" well that is when we smelled the booze. So we called the police. He tried to tell them that we hit him...good thing police don't believe drunk drivers. So his wife shows up and tries to say she was in the car...hello is anyone home? She got there after the police and walked up from behind our cars(there is no stores behind us). Anyways the police don't believe her, my dad made sure of that. So they hand cuff him, search him and put him in the back of the car; he only had one beer! Yeah right, he was drunk and that would explain why he never looked behind him while backing up. So anyways we got home and I started making calls. Before 6 o'clock his insurance had called and taken responsibility and I now get to start the fun process of getting my car fixed. Oh yeah the guy went to jail. Fun, fun and some more fun for me today. I am just glad Alexis was at home with Grandma Martin because that would have made it way more difficult. I just hope that nothing else happens today because I don't think I could handle anymore!

This is from the side and this one shows his car and where he moved his car to; this was his intended target parking space, why he backed up as far only the beer knows.

Front view, so much damage for a parking lot accident!

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Thank goodness no one was hurt!!! That is the most important thing!!!

The Beck Family Bunch said...

I am so Sorry! I have been a couple of accidents myself, and you always end up short. I hope you have a better day tomorrow! Emma