Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rocky Sleeping

Sad, tonight Alexis was a little stinker. She was crying a lot and I knew it was from getting woke up during nap. Our neighbor has all these dogs that are not friendly and the pit bull was out and coming up on our porch and barking at me through the window, so I called 911. Before anyone gets mad because I called 911 in a non-life threatening situation, the animal control web-site for Pierce County says to. Ok so they called animal control for me and then animal control was able to call the owner, last week their wolf dog got out, and that is how come they had the owner's number. So anyways this story is getting way off track, the neighbor was hammering boards on the fence and woke her up and that left her tired. When I put her to bed she did her normal protest cry and then calmed down, we thought she had finally gone to sleep. Soon after that I heard her give this unsual cry and she was calling dad, I told Britt I think she is scared and he said no she is fine just trying to get us to come and get her out of bed. Well he ran off to do a geo cache that just posted and I went to check on her. I opened the door and Jinx ran out...yeah he scared her. She was laying in her crib awake, poor thing, so I rocked her and brought her out while I watched the Biggest Loser Finale. So from now on I will be going in when I hear that cry.

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Jenn said...

Poor thing! Darn that cat!
Yea the neighbor dogs are SCARY creatures! And yes it was a life threatening emergency because he was barking outside your house while you had the door closed. Who knows what would have happen if you needed to go somewhere. That dog wouldn't have let you!