Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baseball game and more

Britt has been adopted by a baseball team for the Puyallup Parks and Rec. This is a guy that he knows through work and he calls Britt every Tuesday to get him to play and last night I decided to go with. Greg, Amy's husband, plays on another team and just happened to be who they play against last night. Payton came with his dad so Alexis hung out with him. While on the playground there were some other kids and Payton walked up to them and told them they couldn't hurt Alexis or he would tell on them. He made sure each boy had been told about his protection order over Alexis and then they played freeze tag. It was really sweet. Alexis would climb up the slide and then hold her hand out and say "help me" and one of the boys would help her up the rest of the way. She is already charming the boys!
Blake came and played with Alexis today and boy did they have fun. They ran through the sprinkler, played in the baby pool, swings and slides, and finally they got to go in the big pool. I actually got some reading done because Blake entertained Alexis so well.

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