Friday, September 5, 2008

A crazy day

It is almost finished, the tile that is. We bought tile for our entry way 1 year ago and it has been sitting it a box ever since. Well today I went to Home Depot to buy some paint and thought what the hay I will get the stuff and get to work. It was a big job for only a 16 square foot area. We had to cut molding, sharpen chisels, cut carpet 4 times, lay the tile out 5 times and then mix the mortar. We didn't start laying tile until 10pm. Just finished the clean up so that nothing sharp was gonna get my girl tomorrow. She was an angel by the way, barely knew she was home, except when she wanted to sit on my lap....a lot. Britt is crashed on the couch and I am blogging.

Sad news though about Jinx our cat. He has been going outside a lot more lately with out his harness and leash and today he got attacked. I already hate the dogs next door because they howl and whine all day and night, they get out and scare us and now they attacked my cat. Britt and my dad think I am silly saying that those dogs are too dangerous because they attacked my cat. They say all dogs are like that, but really I don't like mean dogs living next door. I am really upset and think they may have really hurt his leg maybe broke it. My dad and I heard the dog and my poor de-clawed cat and then heard the neighbor yell at her dog to let the cat go. By the time I got out there Jinx was already in my yard and hissing and growling at Rudy and I. I got him in the house and put him in my room because he was not dealing well with our dog. When I let him out he was limping but walking. I left and he came out and got on the rocking chair and then I moved him on my bed so Alexis wouldn't hurt him. He stayed there for 6 hours and then I moved him to a pillow on the floor so he wouldn't have to jump around. He did move when I vacuumed. He will move it if I touch it and he is purring when I pet him. I did get him to drink some water too. I just don't know what to do, I really don't want him to suffer if it is broken. I also can't pay a $500 vet bill. I am just sitting her crying, over a cat, but he is my baby. We have had him for 5 years and he is the best cat ever. So I am waiting to see how he is tomorrow, I am hoping that he is just really sore and just not wanting to do too much.

2 lil' notes:

shiree said...

that sucks about the cat im sure the car will recover it will just take some time and yeah that sucks that neighbors have such craaaazy dogs ya know you could always give those dogs some sleepy time meds LOL like a permanant sleep "just kidding" maybe some peanut butter

Jenn said...

Those stupid dogs! Can't stand them either!