Friday, September 5, 2008

The Puyallup Thing

The Puyallup Fair opened today and like all the other crazy people here we headed down to get in free. Only on opening day and only from 10 until 12 in the morning. Parking is crazy the streets are so clogged with cars and pedestrians that an aneurysm feels emanate. It is fun though and the price is right. Alexis got to ride a ride this year, even though she was about 3 inches too short. The only ride she wanted to ride was the swings; of course it is the only ride that has no seat belt or buckle of any kind. So we put her on thinking that she would stand up before the ride started and therefore get kicked off, she didn't. She sat there so good and held onto the bar really tight and just looked around. When the ride started she looked a bit nervous and I was sure she was going to try and stand up, but before she got back around to us she was screaming with delight. She has the cutest ride scream and she loved it. We had to prey her out of the seat and distract her with a ride on the train. On the train she tried to scream her ride scream, which had Britt and I both laughing. She waved bye bye to everyone and was just tickled pink at all the fun stuff there was to see. We toyed with the idea of having her do mutton bustin, but decided next year would be better, we still want her to like sheep. She was scared to tears of the cows and wasn't very happy at the dogs during the K9 unit demo. She would scream "No, Mine" at the dogs so we took her away before she caused a problem. Britt had already left to take Zach Koeller to the Mariner's game so I hung out with my parents. We looked at hot tubs and Amerikraft cookware, the paintings, pictures, and art work from all the contests. Then decided to go back and let Alexis use her last 4 ride tickets up. I asked her if she wanted to go on the swings and she said yes and started the wrong direction. She was so giddy about it that her feet said run we can get there faster, it was funny. When we got there no kids were in line and an attendant asked if she was tall enough well lucky for us the attendant that was there earlier said that she was fine and had already been on; otherwise I don't think he would have let her on. So I went in to put her on the swing and they asked if I wanted to go with her. So I hooped in and up we went, and when the ride was done they asked us if we wanted to go again since no kids were waiting. So away we went again, at the end of that turn I went to get her out and they said she could stay and ride again...she was on cloud 9. I had to bribe her out of the seat with cotton candy and the ride attended didn't help any by saying she could keep riding. She called Alexis her little rider, next year Alexis will get a dizzy pass and ride the swings until she is well dizzy. It was a good day and my feet ache and I am worn out, but we did the Puyallup! I have no pictures because I forgot my camera, sad. Oh and my cat is doing much better, he is moving around and eating, still limping though.

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Jenn said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! Glad to hear Jinx is feeling a little better!