Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sam is baptized!

This is late but I still want Sam to know how pleased we are that he decided to get baptized.

Alexis also baptized her penguin that she got at the zoo the day before, dad had to reach carefully into the font to retrieve her. Silly girl was just remembering that at the zoo they were swimming. She also lost the penguin by the next day{we are all in mourning}, she has prayed that Jesus will help her find her penguin. Believe it or not she really does have faith that Jesus will find green peng. I pray that we will find it so that her faith will be strengthened. This is the only picture we have of green penguin, she is about 4 inches tall, bright green, has a diamond encrusted head, and is missed greatly. If seen there is a reward of 10 hugs and kisses from a very cute little girl.

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