Saturday, July 9, 2011

Megan talking on the phone, funny story we were at my parents house and she had gone to the family room to see what Alexis was doing and the phone rang. I answered in because it was my mom. While we were talking I kept hearing buttons being pushed and asked my mom if it was her. It was not so I went to the family room and found Megan with the phone, pushed the talk button and was pushing buttons. She had to reach up on the table to get the phone and had pulled the charging station down with it. Such a smart little cookie.

I asked her to not smile, just look at me and I love it! Her eyes are open and she has such pretty skin and features! Not that her smile isn't gorgeous but she is in this funny phase with her smile that makes her eyes closed, or gives her surprised it can be goofy.

Mud Mountain Dam Annual Ward Picnic! This is the dam is pretty cool with it's history and being the largest dirt and rock dam ever built. Wish they had the lower observation deck open!

This dirt spot was a favorite for the babies. We finally gave up and let them play. We ended up being the last from the ward to was that nice of a day.

Parachute time! Alexis just warms my heart with how full of energy and excitement she is. Everything she does is with passion!

Tonight Alexis informed us that she doesn't want to be the child, she wants to be the dad because dad's don't do anything and children do everything. I may ask her what she thinks daddy does at work.
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Chastina said...

It's interesting how often kids find the dirt spots and will not stay out of them. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun.