Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge was a blast this year. Alexis was tall enough to go on everything but the tornado! We spoiled her rotten getting her a Paw Pass which allowed her to do a bunch of stuff. Megan loved, loved the water just as much as Alexis does. It was seriously great to have the big room with the 2 little kids. We put them in the bedrooms for bed and then watch tv and talked it up with my parents and brother who split the room with us. Alexis keeps asking if we can go back tomorrow, silly girl. We surprised her about where we were going. She thought we had to take daddy to his hotel for work, sweet girl had been counting the days until we would go and just didn't put the 2 together. she fell asleep during the 1 hour drive and when we woke her up she looked around and started screaming "Great Wolf Lodge!" To say she was excited is an understatement. She hoped out of the car when I went to check in before we could even say stay in the car. I just love when she is so excited that it bubbles out and causes her to jump up and down.

Alexis changed almost the second we hit our room!

See her arms are full of things the pass gives you.

one of her first times down the big slides!
(it is not a mistake that I am not in any of the pictures...I had a baby a year ago and am still not in great shape!)
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Chastina said...

What fun! I love hearing how excited she gets.