Monday, June 27, 2011

Get ready for a ton of pictures of our little 1 year old. She is the funniest baby, except the scream she has developed when ever things are not going her way. She says hi, mom, dada, boo, oh, owee(like when you get hurt, not sure how that would be spelled). She plays peek-a-boo, patty cake and thinks Alexis is seriously funny, she walks everywhere and loves to push her new stroller around, hugs and talks to her babies. She is very serious though when people talk to her and intently watches them. She loves to feed herself, but still won't drink from a bottle, straw, every once in awhile a cup. She loves to be outside and doesn't complain about being in a stroller if it means she gets to be outside. Megan loves to get into the bathroom cabinet and Alexis room. Her party was a blast and the weather turned out perfect a bit chilly so Britt started a fire and the kids roasted marsh mellows! Love this baby girl and can't wait to see her grow this next year! We also taught her to hold her little finger up and say one! She claps at everything and waves hi and bye, She will not wave bye to me though and if I am near the door she will cry thinking I am leaving.

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