Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a difference 4 days makes. Today is 1 year from her due date and she is walking all over the place. It is so cute and exciting. She walks about 20 feet without falling and will crawl over to something stand up and do it again. She hasn't figured out how to stand from a sitting or crawl. I just love being a mom! I am in a bit of mourning though that my baby is walking and will be turning one in a week. We are working on going to sleep without nursing down, it is lots harder. I am not done nursing I just need more freedom in the evenings...Britt needs to be able to put her down too.

Alexis has been such a great helper lately and I am doing my best to thank her each time, she is relishing the positive attention. I love that she is self-correcting her behavior now. I am not asking her if that is the right or wrong way as much, so nice! She plays her last soccer game on Saturday, not sure what we will do with her next dance, gymnastics, swimming who knows but I am sure it will be exciting! Alexis is the best at remembering to pray and is always willing to "help" in primary. If one of the assignment chairs isn't occupied when she feels it should be she will ask if she can do it. I love her willingness to serve and want to encourage it as much as possible.

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