Friday, June 10, 2011

Megan is still not walking full time. She does take a bunch of steps toward something she wants and then sits down to crawl. Crawling is much faster. I consider her a semi-walker, she walks really steady when it suits her. It is funny though when she is unsure of depth, her little face gets a panic look when she doesn't get to something when she thinks she should. Alexis is done with preschool, sadly they didn't have a program because her teacher got sick and is moving to Utah. She has improved so much this year. They do a kindergarten placement test and Alexis scored 88 of 100. Her teacher said that is what they hope kids score leaving kindergarten. We are going to work hard on sight words and start teaching her to read this summer. I am kind of nervous about this because I have never worked with kids past preschool, so kindergarten is a new thing for both of us. Should be a fun summer. We just got back from her reward for learning to control her temper and behave at school, Great Wolf Lodge! We had a blast, fun times!

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Chastina said...

She will do great in kindergarten. There are a lot of kids who start kindergarten who don't know their ABC's so the fact that she knows as much as she does will put her at the top of the class.