Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 3

July 24th
We woke up to clouds and some rain, but that didn't stop us from a hike....why not take a peek into what our pioneer's experienced. We went up the Cress Creek Trail. It was paved part way and had signs explaining things about the vegetation, animals, and other things and the kids loved that part. They did give up and turn around though, guess we wouldn't make great pioneers, lol. It was fun though. That night Leslie used her braiding skills and did both girls hair. It was so cute. I have been practising since then with small braids and will one day be able to do it well. We also made egg rolls. Oh my were they yummy. I am going to make them one of these nights for Britt, he is going to love them!

Near the beginning of the hikeWe stopped here for a snack and the kids threw rocks in...why that is so entertaining I don't know.

Tillie and Alexis
Our view at one point...there are 2 bridges in the middleAfter the braiding!

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Jenny M said...

You would have made a better pioneer than me! That's great that you guys did that!