Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 11

August 1
Today was a really busy but awesome day. Alex was baptized. It was so great to be there and share this with him. My Uncle Lynden Baptized and confirmed him. Alexis must have been missing Grandpa because when Dave's dad came in Alexis went and gave him a hug(she also hugged anyone Alex hugged). During the talks she went over and sat on his lap, it was funny. His dad is kind of like my dad. Afterwards we had a little get together. I was able to sit and talk with my uncle, I have never done that before. I really enjoyed meeting some of Dave's family and their friends. We then went to the beach at Herriman. There were lot's of bees though. What is it with water and bees, so annoying. We had fun in the water, but where getting hungry so we went out for Mexican. It was yummy. Alexis and I then went the Oruirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was going really well until we got in the temple. Alexis wouldn't stay right by me, she would try and walk a few people ahead. I was trying really hard not to raise my voice to get her to come back with me and then all of the sudden i couldn't see her anymore. I figured she must have just walked ahead so I started moving through the crowd to catch up to her. I went to the end of the hall, no girl. I went up the first flight of stairs, no girl. I went to the next floor, still no girl. I was getting a panicky when I got to the foyer where the double stair case was and I couldn't see her. I had been asked temple workers if they had seen her and they hadn't. So they started a search and a worker took me through the temple a special way to get to the entrance and the end of the tour just in case. Then we retraced and another temple worker was coming towards us with her. I was so relieved and upset. I decided to keep going on the tour since we hadn't seen anything but the baptismal font. Goodness that girl was still trying to walk ahead of me. i remember that they had cookies at the end so I used it as a way to keep her with me. I was really frustrated at how the tour went and disappointed. The temple was amazing and beautiful, my kid was a pain. When the B.C. temple opens here we will most likely not take Alexis in, but I will also have Britt with me so that will make it easier.

After the temple drama we went back to Tammy's house so that we could go to the Allstar's baseball barbecue. Drew's team did amazing taking 1st in state. It was really neat to be there for their awards and stuff. During the awards Alexis and Alex were playing and I could see them most of the time. At one point I couldn't see Alexis running around so I went to check on her. I couldn't see her, I looked at the playground and still couldn't find her. The awards got over and so we all started looking for this 2 year old. Tammy found her in the bathroom. She had gone in to go and had been calling me. The bathroom doesn't have AC and she had been in there for about 10 minutes. She was sweaty and way over heated. Not only could she not wipe herself but she couldn't get the door open, it was just too heavy to pull. Kind of silly to make the door so heavy at a baseball field. I put her to bed when we got home, it had been a stressful day. i mean who looses their kid twice in one day. Me that's who.

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