Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 7

July 28th
Palisades Lake, boat and candy! uncle Brett and Aunt Nini have an awesome boat and they took us out on it. I have never knee boarded before and got up on my first try. i almost did a 360, but had to let go of the rope because Leslie crashed. It was so much fun. It secretly makes me want to get a boat.....but I will never tell Britt that! LOL. Alexis was afraid of the water because she saw fish swiming on the shore and dock. But the lure was just to great and she finally swam off the back of the boat. It was a great day and Aunt Nini brought lots of treats for the kids. When we got back we went to Tillie and Gabe's soccer game which Travis coaches. It was great fun today!

On our way we stopped for square ice cream cones! We washed the kids up in the water! All the kids got bubble gum flavor.
Alexis, Jack and Weston all took a nap on the boat!

2 lil' notes:

Chastina said...

How fun! I love playing on boats too. I need to get out again after seeing your fun pictures!

Jenn said...

Alexis fits right in with all her blonde cousins!