Monday, August 31, 2009

Friends Birthday Party

Tuesday August 25th, her birthday. We started the day with more presents. She got pants and a shirt and a game(which I still haven't got batteries for). Then she wanted waffles for breakfast so I made that up for her. Then we started getting ready for the tea party. It rained so the outside party was out and it became an inside party. The girls were so pretty in their dresses. We had our tea(lemonade) and fruit, sandwiches and cream puffs. Then each girl got a mini cupcake with a candle to blow out. We played musical teapots, pin the tea cup on the saucer. I read them "Tea for Ruby" and we colored picture frames. Then the presents, all we saw was tissue paper and bags as 6 girls tore through them. It was pretty funny. I am happy that Alexis let her friends help her. We then had free time, they jumped on the trampoline played with her new toys and old toys. They had fun and so did I. I asked what she wanted for dinner and she requested Hot Dogs. Yuck, so I did what any good parent would do and took her to get a gourmet hot dog. Much better. I think she had a great party and birthday!Emma and Alexis
Ashlee didn't want her picture taken, she was eating cake!
Josie and Alexis
Sophia and Alexis
Ella and Alexis
Evana and Alexis

Ella and Soph like this present too! Coloring
Licking the candle
All the girls

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Goff Six Adventures said...

Thanks for including Ella in her special day! You did such a good job!