Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 13

August 3rd
We got up and where on the road about 9am. We made it to my cousin Emma's at about 2:30 in Meridian. Alexis was so awesome in the car, such a blessing. Emma's baby Andrew was just 12 days old. He was a sweetie. Eliza and Alexis had fun playing together, they are 2 days apart in age. Alexis loved Isaac though, this girl has a thing for older boys not good! We played for a little while and then went to my cousin Jessica and Craigs for the night. Their Courtney is the cutest. I just love her. They played on the swing set and read books. They played in the laundry hampers and were just really cute. We had a FHE lesson and then put the girls to bed....just Courtney, Alexis wouldn't go to sleep due to a late nap. We talked for a bit and then went to bed. Alexis probably didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm. I woke up at 6:30am and debated on leaving or waiting until everyone woke up. I decided to leave and get some road under my belt while Alexis was still sleeping. I almost made it more then halfway through Oregon before she woke up. She got a bit crabby in Cayuse pass, but we had less then an hour and we where home. It was nice to be home. We went to National Night Out with Daddy. She loved the bubbles and goo. Such a great trip and we had so much fun getting to spend time with everyone and meeting cousins we had never meet! Thanks Leslie, Tammy, Uncle Ches and Jessica for letting us stay with you.
Daddy is is the best at bubbles
She wouldn't go near him with out Daddy
Look at the concentration!
Hanger Bubbles
Face painting
Alexis and Courtney

Alexis and Isaac
Emma, Andrew and Alexis
Eliza, Alexis and Rachel
My Uncle Ches and Aunt Judy's family, the kids wanted one with silly faces, it was the only way to get a nice one.

Casey with his nephews, I guess he gets them all wild.
Grandma Jenny, Alexis and Crystal

I am done with our vaca!

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Collett Family said...

It was so fun to see you! I am glad that you were able to incorporate a stop to Boise in your trip. Maybe one of these years we can make a trip to Washington! Cute pictures.