Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day 8

July 29th
Today I got up and got us packed really early so that I could go outside with the kids during piano lessons. We jumped on the trampoline and ate a snack. After lessons we went to Yellowstone's Bear World. It is a drive through animal park with deer, elk, moose, buffalo and of course bears. It was really crazy to have bears walking around right next to our car. We told the kids to tell us if a bear tried to climb on the car. After exiting the animal area there are rides and baby bears to look at and a petting zoo. The kids loved the rides and ran back and forth as many times as they could. The petting area had deer, pigs and chickens. I really can't believe they were petting baby deer. When we got back we said our goodbyes and hit the road for Utah. Alexis fell asleep almost immediatly and slept for 2 hours before I stopped at Mcdonald's to wake her up. We got to my cousin Tammy's house about 9 pm and Alexis and Alex became best friends. He let her play with his toys and was so sweet to her. They had to go to bed though shortly after getting there because school was on track for them. Alexis loved Tammy's house because well her house makes ours look like a tool shed! Surprisingly Alexis went to sleep about 10:30.

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