Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 4

July 25th
Today we loaded the kids up and headed to Driggs to see Uncle Brett and Aunt Nini. It was interesting driving there with 5 impatient kids but we made it. When we got there Uncle Brett and Sadie were getting Chef all harnessed up to the buggy. Chef is like 35 years old, which is very old for a horse. As soon as he was hooked up Sadie gave them a ride, Alexis loved it, even with her fear of horses. We then headed to where the 24th of July parade was being held and the kids all got to ride on the wagon. Alexis had so much fun throwing the candy 1 piece at a time~ she even had half a bag left. Leslie, Weston and I went to the park to watch the parade and take pictures of the kids. They were so cute and didn't really notice us, they were having so much fun. The stake there provided a chicken dinner in the park. Leslie and I are super moms and got all the kids, Sadie, Uncle Brett and our own plates in just 1 trip! After the kids played and played and ate, we went to a concert. Jon Schmidt was awesome. Alexis really liked when he laid down, playing the piano and bouncing his foot to the beat in the air! She still talks about it, even though she fell asleep half way through....which was better for me! We went back to Uncle Brett and Aunt Nini's for a snack and then home. On the way we stopped at Kyle and Angela's, this was my first time meeting them both due to missions and just getting married. Angela is great, wish I had more time to chat and get to know her. I do know how to make her egg rolls though, yummo! We got the kids home asleep and in bed, what a fun day!
They were sitting in the buggy while the horse was hooked to it, they are mesmerized!
Doesn't Sadie look like she is having the time of her life, LOL!
Before the parade started, they are all so cute! Gabe, Jack, Alexis and Tillie!
Look at the candy bags, Jack's is empty and Alexis still has it mostly full. Don't know why she was throwing it so slow.

Yummy watermelon!During the concert we had a fantastic storm! When we came out I just loved seeing the sun peaking through the clouds.

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