Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 9

July 30th
We are on our own today, the only day of our whole vacation that we were by ourselves and did whatever we wanted. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Alexis loves fish except doesn't want to touch them. They have a sting ray tank that you can touch them and she wanted nothing to do with it, especially when they flap their sides out of the water and stick their noses out. I thought that was cool. When we got done with that she asked to go to see the animals. So we did. Hogle Zoo was my zoo as a kid so I had fun going back there with my kid. The lion drinking fountain is still there. We rode the train and the carousel. After the zoo we went to Temple Square. Alexis asked if she could go in and so I explained how you have to be big and doing what Heavenly Father asks to go in. She is really excited about getting big enough to go in. We ate at the Lion house Pantry for dinner and had sarsaparilla soda. We had such a good day and busy. When we got back to Tammy's Alex read Alexis stories and they played.
She just won't look at me for pictures right now.

She took her hair out on the way here.

This elephant makes noises and plays music, it just comes on and it scared her.
Love this drinking fountain.

I think clown fish will forever be known as Nemo fish.

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