Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I will get to it

I promise that I will work on getting pictures up of our fun trip! After I go see Jenn's new baby and Mom and Me at the park and after the kids I watch leave tomorrow. Man I think I need to go back on vacation. It was nice to have nothing really important to do everyday. Alexis was awesome in the car for the hours that we trek during the last 2 weeks. She had fun looking at the 616 pictures that I took too. She remembers most of the names of the people in them too. Especially Jack, Tillie and Alex ~ She is torn between having more fun with Jack or with Alex. Alex is 8 just did everything she wanted, what's not to love about that? She kept calling him her brother. We had so so so much fun, even when we were just hanging out and chatting {sometimes until way to early in the morning!}

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