Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Party 1

Finally posting about the 3 parties Alexis had celebrating her birthday. The first one was on Sunday August 23rd with all the family and friends. She was so excited she didn't eat dinner. We gave her the big present at this party. She got a bicycle. Which she hasn't had a lot of time to ride, sad. Maybe if this fog lifts we can go out and work on it today. She also got a fish tank and all the stuff from Grandpa and Grandma, Jon and Steph and Debbie. She has been very good with feeding the fish everyday. She got her song book from Grandma Shirley(I have been looking forward to her being old enough to get it!) Alexis wanted watermelon instead of cake, so we cut a huge wedge and stuck her candles in it. She loved it and took a huge bite once the candles were out. The rest of us had cake, I think she did too. Daddy lit her candles 5 times so that she could blow them out all at once.

Sunday morning we gave her a new dress to wear for the you like her outfit here. She always puts this on when I ask her to get dressed ( you can't see the flowered leggings that do not match.)
She took this cupcake and started eating it before church. When Daddy asked her what she was doing she replied "It's not hot anymore," too funny.
Getting all the candles out at once!
Riding her new bike.

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