Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great Wolf

We had so much fun Yesterday at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mounds Washington. Amy and Aaron Schaub booked a room and invited us to come with them and enjoy the water park. Everyone should go, it is indoors and where the water park is it is 88 degrees. You don't feel cold, there is no breeze and much cleaner then an outdoor park. They have a wave pool and a really awesome slide, they have six big slides. Alexis had so much fun that when we tried to leave for dinner and then for home she cried and cried. Evana was sick though so Amy didn't have as much fun, but Romeo and Alexis just ran around like they were on a sugar high(they weren't). Anyways, Britt and I are gonna go there next year for our family vacation! We didn't take our camera with us to the water park, next time I will bring a water one. So all our pictures were taken as we were leaving. They have story time at 8pm every night at the clock tower, they have a little disco club for the teenagers, they have a cool arcade, an arts and crafts place, and they had interactive stations all through the hotel. It was cool you buy a wand and point it at things like pictures and boxes and they do different things. All the kids we saw that had wands were having a blast running around. Everything was decorated so well and beautifully, the staff was really nice and the other guests all seemed nice. We will be going back for sure!

3 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

shiree said...

amy said it was awsome there other than evona and arron being sick we wanted to go but kev worked until 8:30 that day so were gonna save money and plan to go soon. amy said everything was pretty costly. Im glad to kn ow when we go it will be worth the money

CJ said...

Glad you had fun! We'll see when we can get there, but glad to see that WA is finally thinking of families (even though it costs a fortune!)