Thursday, May 1, 2008

31 cents

We went to Baskin Robins last night and got our 31cent scoops of ice cream. When we got there the line was small and by the time we had eaten our ice cream and walked into Fred Meyer purchase a few things and went to see if my parents had their ice cream yet the line was out the door and into the parking spaces. We had awesome timing, my parents and Kate not so awesome; we all got ice cream though. We got a vanilla cone for Alexis, I got a cone with cookies and cream and pistachio. I got Britt pistachio, raspberry cheese lousie, Pineapple and his favorite mint chocolate chip all of that for $2.36. What a bargain and so good! This where we sat to eat our ice cream until the wind started then we went into Fred Meyer.

1 lil' notes:

shiree said...

alexis looks soooooooooo cute eating her ice cream