Friday, May 30, 2008

Is it a full moon?

First of all Alexis was up at 5:30am and fell asleep at 9:30am for a 2 hour nap. I thought yea she is going to go to bed early and since Britt will be gone on the stake father and son camp out, NICE. She however was not on the same schedule as me, she wouldn't not go to sleep until 9:30pm and I had to hold her hand until she went to sleep. When I left the room before she was fully into dream land she would sit up and cry "momma" until I came back in. I decided that I was not going to get my hallway painted and started browsing the zoo's and NW Treks websites. As I am sitting on the couch I hear the screen door opened a little. Now I am usually not one to freak out about such things, but come on who could resist that. So I turn the alarm on and go back to browsing and listening to the coughing fits coming from me now sleeping girl and trying not to freak. I thought the cough medicine I gave her before bed would have helped but nope. Alexis is coughing like crazy so I give her 2 breathing treatments (but the doctor says she is fine and won't diagnose asthma until she is 2!). I go back to the computer to wait a few minutes for the albuteral to work and I hear this sound like a baby crying. I am not fooled I know it is not Alexis so either a baby is sitting on my porch, remember the screen door opened, or it is a coyote, ok or it is a cat....which one do you think it is. I guess which ever it is, isn't big enough to turn the motion light on so I turn it off and flip it back on. Nothing on the porch...there goes the insane thought of a baby appearing. I look into the driveway and sure enough girlie is sitting there. Girlie is not a coyote, she is Jenn and Joe's cat that flew the coupe and has become rather wild since. She was seriously right at my door and meowing very loudly, jinx didn't even care but Rudy man he was looking for the chase. I kept my door shut though for fear that it was a trick!!! Haha I freaked out anyways. On with the story; Alexis is still coughing so I go and get the humidifier and set it up and the neighbor dog(pit bull that hates all other animals) starts barking and growling at the cat that is still sitting in the driveway for seriously 15 minutes just looking at my house. It is finally quiet no coughing, no meowing, no crazed dog barking just the hum of my laptop and clicking of my keys as I type my sad 45 words per minute. I just wanted to get my garden weeded and my hall painted today...all I got was a very crabby 21 month old who is not feeling good and crazy neighbor animals! I didn't even make cookies, I did however manage to devour a good amount of mint crisp m&ms(love them)! So I think I will head off to bed, tempted to make cookies first but since I didn't exercise today I think I will call my huge handful of m&m's a good enough splurge. Maybe tomorrow Alexis will feel up to letting me pull weeds and plant some pumpkins and zucks and tomatoes, well I may need someone to watch her while I till the garden since she hates anything loud except the vacuum. Hope those guys are warm up there at Buck Creek!

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Jenn said...

Hmmm... Yea I don't claim Girlie anymore! ha-ha. Sorry she didnt help very much! LOL. Well you know where I am if you want to bring Alexis over