Friday, May 9, 2008

Pictures from this week

Alexis and Mallori play with babies, Alexis is so sweet to younger kids it is fun to watch

This is how she has solved bad hair days(bangs in the eyes because mom wants to grow them out)! Britt drove his semi home and I realized Alexis has never been in it. Never turned that big wheel, honked the air horn....she really doesn't like that part. She was leaning on the steering wheel to see Britt outside and it went off and well she cried. So she may not jump at the chance to sit in it again. Alexis is also petrified of the lawn mower. I tried to mow the backyard Yesterday and thought she would be fine playing on the swing set; nope she went behind the shed and cried. I felt so bad, my parents came over and watched her so I could finish.

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