Monday, July 2, 2012

Has it really been since April that I posted? We have had a few changes such as Britt going back to work for KT Auto Transport and Alexis finishing Kindergarten and Megan turning 2. Britt is now working away from home going to California, Utah or Arizona.  They are getting him home every week for Sunday though so it is way better then him being in Alaska all the time.  Alexis' last day of Kindergarten was kind of sad for me and her.  She loves her teacher Mrs. Maloney and I do too.  She has learned how to read from her, write stories, and math. Alexis at age 5 can read almost anything we put in front of her. She is amazing, even reading subtitles during movies(all of them before they go off the screen!) I am truly impressed with her abilities and hope she continues to love reading.  She now helps us read the scriptures and is understanding them better because she follows along.  I have pictures to post and will have to do a whole post or 2 for them of the Zoo field trip and her getting her award. I really am so surprised at how fast these girls are growing up and love them so much. 

Megan at 2
*She says lots of things but her most favorite phrase is "I want__________."
*She also throws little fits when we say no that includes stomping and swinging her arms, screaming and grunting, holding her breath and spitting all while saying what she wants or doesn't want in between each action.  I think it is pretty funny how upset she gets so I usually just walk away or wait until she is done.
*Diapers are not her favorite but then she doesn't want to go potty either. So
She spends a lot of the day running around naked because she has ripped her diaper off and ran away laughing. As long as she doesn't have accidents I consider this pre-potty training.
*Loves outside. Digging in the dirt, playing in water, swinging, riding bikes, climbing in the play house, sliding, running around and playing with the dog.
*injuries. She likes to fall on her head, namely for forehead. Poor little lady seems to always have a bruise or scratches. I watch her run and know why it is her head. She leans forward so when she falls her head leads the way.  It is so sad. She is a petite little thing weighing only 22 pounds and is skinny. I think her head is heavier then her body so it goes down harder too, haha!
*Still loves mommy the most.
*loves climbing the bunk bed and waking Alexis up.
*LOVES BABIES. everything about them real ones, fake ones, pictures, bottles, Barbies, seriously loves them.  She got 3 new ones for her birthday and a stroller, playpen and a highchair/swing. Heaven on Earth for this little momma.
*Loves stories
*Loves candy (threw a fit last night because she couldn't have any!)
*Pushes chairs around to get things off the counters
*Loves yogurt
*Daddy says she is like a cannon ball and just throws caution to the wind and goes with reckless abandonment! This really describes her very well.
*She is so gently to babies and animals
*Calls all animals except horses, dogs and cats animals.  It is really cute.
*Likes horsy rides on daddy
*She is very serious and doesn't go to just anyone. There are is a man in our ward who is in his 30's and has a mental disability, who we just happen to see a lot around town when we shop, on Sunday he was walking down the hall and put his arms out to her and she ran down to him and hugged his legs and then smiled when he picked her up. I was really impressed because she seriously doesn't do that for many people. I hope she always is kind to others especially those people who are kind and sweet to the core like this man is. 
*loves Nursery class.
*Loves to snuggle with me in bed in the morning and gets mad if I sneak out after she falls back to sleep.
*Likes play dough
*helps with the laundry and dishes
I know there are more things she has mastered at age 2 but right now my mind is full of the images I have put down already! We love our little Meggers, Nutmeg, Meggy, Meg and Megan so much!

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