Sunday, June 17, 2007

This is Alexis with Daddy on Father's day. She fell asleep after her bottle and when I went to take this picture she of course woke up. But the girl is smiling. She is very funny. We are now the nursery leaders at church and so Alexis came in with us. Her first day she spent a lot of time crying because she got pushed down and got bullied alittle by an older girl.
I think things will be ok next week though. If not then we will have Grandma help out!

Britt got a new camp stove for father's day and he was told he can go buy a crab net. He always goes crabbing and has to use his buddies. Since he is going on Tuesday he will be able to contribute! He also got Ghost Rider DVD. I think he has had a good day.... He sure hasn't complained.

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