Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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So I didn't get the pictures done last week, ohwell. Megan is at a hard stage.....the stage before crawling. She just will not crawl, she gets up on hands and feet and then pushes back into a sit. She does this over and over and slowly moves around in a big circle. She also rolls to things. I am beginning to think she will just stand up and walk never having crawled. She climbs all over me and pulls herself into a stand. Megan loves stories and songs, I truly mean loves. She absorbs them, she may not look just like me but she loves the written word like me! We have been very spoiled having daddy home every night for the last few weeks and Megan has decided she likes daddy putting her to sleep. The proof is tonight he is gone and she kept waking up crying (for him).

Alexis loves to help in Primary, since we have a gigantic primary we try to be fair and pick their names out each week to help. She got picked for music time and was jumping up and down in pure joy in the hall waiting for them to hide the object. Then later during sharing time she got picked again(music and sharing time use different name containers). She was told it was her lucky day, oh how excited she was. Smile from ear to ear!!! She is such a joy to have around....most of the time! Last night she sleep walked and used the living room carpet as a bathroom,, then she went back to bed with wet clothes. I heard her and went to check and found her in bed. After cleaning her up and putting her in a sleeping bag(really not going to change beding at midnight) I tried to find the puddle. Not finding it I went to bed assuming she peed the bed. Nope Britt found it in front of the TV this morning(luckily seeing it before stepping in it). So now I get to clean the carpets, fun for me!

I was spoiled for my birthday. My friend Jenn arranged a surprise birthday lunch for me on the Friday before. It was fun and nice to go out to eat! Then that night Britt also arranged a little surprise dinner. We already had plans with our friends the Pines he invited the Schaubs and then claimed he was not going to make it. He showed up with a huge bunch of balloons and a gift. He got me a Kindle...I love it. I can't wait to load it full! We had dinner with my family on Sunday. My parents got me a gift card to Amazon so that I can buy the scriptures and other books for my kindle(or what ever I want from Amazon!) I love gift cards!!!! Alexis was sad she didn't get me anything, she didn't help pick out the kindle so she didn't feel it was from her. I got her to feel better by telling her the best gift she can ever give me is a big hug and kiss. Next year Britt is going to let her help buy me a gift. I will try to get pictures done this week, but I am alone so don't hold your breathe!

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Chastina said...

I have a friend whose little girl would leave the house when she sleep walked. They had to lock her in her room to keep her safe.

Hope you get your carpets clean!

What a fun birthday, full of surprises!