Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly update

We are on the count down to Megan crawling. she gets up on her hands and knees(and sometimes feet) she can keep her head up now and is sliding her hands forward. She has gotten back to sitting twice now from her tummy. During the sacrament she looked at me and made this little sound 3 times until I took her from Grandma. Megan is growing up so fast and will be walking before I know it. Megan has mastered drinking out of her sippy cup and surprisingly doesn't spit it out. She still has a 5 bite limit of food and prefers nursing. She is not lacking to much though so I am not worried. Megan was looking at her hand turn and poked her self in the face today. She also was holding her binky and crying, I took it put it in her mouth and she stopped, funny baby. She is so proud of herself and claps a lot!

Alexis is busy cracking us up every time we turn around. We got a new water heater and she has been playing non stop in the box and desperately wants Megan to play with her. So she puts her on a blanket and drags her down to her room and puts her in the box. When I ask her why she says Megan loves to play in the box. How to explain she is not really given a choice. Oh well I would rather they play well then fight! At least she isn't carrying her down the hall. She gave Megan a ride in the little wheel barrel that hooks onto the ride on toy and Grandma's. Oh how they both laughed. Alexis has problems walking...but only when we ask her to do something, suddenly she grows weak. She declared herself the queen and queens don't do anything. If I count backwards starting at 3 she will tell me I did it wrong because I am supposed to start at 1.

My calling is going good. It can be frustrating when teachers don't show without calling or getting a sub but well that is the life of Primary. I have never understood why people don't like it. I have always loved being in with the children. The sweet spirit they have is the best of anywhere in church, hands down. Britt has 2 callings, how that happened I am not sure since he went for so long without one and then within 2 weeks he had 2. We also have such a big ward they are doing there best not to double up callings. He is the 10 year old co-teacher and on the scout committee. Work is going great for him, huge blessing. He has a lofty goal this year to be the top hauler...I hope he can without sacrificing too much family time. A big bonus at the end of the year would be grand too! I promise to do pictures this week.

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Chastina said...

I have kids who have that "tired leg" syndrome when I ask him or her to do something.

I agree about primary. My favorite is nursery.