Saturday, February 26, 2011

I just adore my children. Right now Alexis is sneaking jelly beans and Megan is studying our pictures in her little book. It is so adorable she turns the page and looks at the picture then touches it. She is trying so hard to crawl, she can get up on her hands and then her feet with her bum in the air. Sadly she was doing this and her wrist gave and her little fingers bent backwards and she laid on them. Nothing broke, thank heavens, but she cried and then held her little hand for a awhile. Megan has 2 teeth the second one popped in Monday the 21st some time during the night. Alexis is writing letters now when she writes "letters" to people. She loves to draw and color pictures. I love watching her art evolve (and that I can tell what things are now.) On Monday I turn her kindergarten registration in. I am so excited for her to start school at the big kid school! I think if I cry it will be for joy that she has become such a great little lady! She wants to do dance class so I will start the hunt for one, there are tons around here. I have a ton of pictures on my camera but lack the motivation to do anything with them right now. We went to Northwest Trek on Monday and had a snow storm that blew in Wednesday. It has been getting down to 14 or lower and is just plain cold. We are supposed to get more snow tonight, as much as I love snow I really am wanting spring. We have some fun goals this summer Alexis wants to learn to ride her bike on 2 wheels, Megan walking and turning 1, getting this body back in shape, exploring this part of the world we live in. San Juan Islands, beach, camping oh so much fun!!!

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Chastina said...

Poor Megan! I don't like kids getting hurt, I want to take the hurt away when they do.

I'm registering my youngest for kindergarten this week.