Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Great Surprise

Britt gave us all the best Christmas present EVER.  We couldn't fly him home for Christmas and it was going to be very sad and depressing.  My parents decided to help us out and use air miles to fly him home.  They all kept it a huge secret and went to pick him up in the middle of the night.  He showed up to the house at 7:15 after my mom called and asked if she could hide a gift here.  I opened the door to my awesome husband.  I had a hunch that something was going down though.  The night before Britt had called my dad and he left the room.  I was hopeful but reserved just in case it wasn't to be.  So we have been in Heaven having him home for Christmas.  Today is Christmas Eve and time for our Annual Bergman Party.  It was great, the kids playing, football on, lots of food, an announcement that we will have a nephew due in May and Alexis all of the sudden not playing.  She was whiny and laying across me.  She had a fever of 102.2.  All the Aunts jumped into action with medicine, cool packs, and water.  We chose to take her home and leave the party early.  Very sad but we made the right choice.  It was really nice to be home before 5 on Christmas Eve.  Normally the kids fall asleep in the car on the way home at 9pm.  The presents are wrapped, stockings full, cookies and milk eaten and Santa has come and gone.  Buddy or Elf went with Santa back to work on Christmas for next year.  Merry Christmas.

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Heidi #1 said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I am glad to read that you had a great
Christmas! Happy 2012!