Friday, December 9, 2011


Yesterday Megan walked up to me patted me and said "moo."  Later she tried lifting my shirt up.  Today she wanted to nurse during the day, I have decided in an effort to start the stopping process to not nurse during the day.  So several times she would lay down and trying to lift my shirt and I would tell her no milkies.  After a few moments she would except the cup of juice or water that I was offering.  About the 3rd time of this she walked over and got my nursing cover that I have hidden behind the little table and handed it to me.  She is very determined to nurse whenever she wants.  I won though!  I will still nurse her first thing in the morning, because then I have an excuse to stay in bed longer, and at night before she goes to bed.  It is so relaxing for her that is just makes it easier to put her in bed.  I am a bit sad, but relieved.  Not nursing her will give me lots more freedom from my worries that she is going to want to nurse and I won't be there.  Silly, but true.  Oh and she hates Santa.  I can't wait to get the picture from the ward party!  Ha it is going to be hilarious.  I really should have just gone in and stood there letting her see what happens, but I thought if I just plopped her down that we might be able to snap one picture before she noticed....nice try but she instantly looked back.  She was arching her body away from Santa, I tried stand by him holding her(almost took his beard off picking her up, opps) Tried having her stand in front and nothing worked so I cut our losses and left.  When Grandpa gets back from Mexico we will have him put his suit on without the beard and let her get used to it and try and get a good picture.  Alexis asked Santa for an American Girl doll.  Santa is getting her the copy cat doll from Target to see if she can take good care of a doll like that before getting the real one.  The AG doll's are $100 a pop and the one from Target is $30.  Big difference for a 5 year old.  Besides when we do get her a AG doll I want to take her up to the store and have it be a really fun day of getting her doll and eating lunch with her.   Honestly she probably won't notice the difference unless she has it right next to a AG doll.  The eyes open and shut on hers and they don't on the other.  There is a horse for the doll that I am so tempted to get, but then I need to find another present for Megan and it was tough buying for her this year. 

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