Saturday, January 28, 2012

favorite word

I have a 19 month old.  Can anyone guess what word we hear the most?  Please, I love you, Thank  Really NO is all that cute little girl says.  Megan do you want___________?  NO and she purses her lips out and crinkles her nose.  She also makes that face to fake cry and when she is throwing a fit.  I haven't been able to get it on camera yet, but will try really hard tomorrow.  She is also really into throwing herself down if things are not going her way.  When it comes to dressing her she is slippery like a wiggly fish.  I may just let her run around naked for a week it is so exhausting to put clothes on her.  She is even fighting going into her car seat.  I try and gt her attention and ask her did you see that? or where is that?  or did you hear that?  It works 75% of the time.

Alexis delights me with her writing.  It is so fun seeing her sound words out and write them down.  She is coping a lot too, which I think it great because it gives her practice on writing her letters.  She is trying so hard to be a good example for Megan and I love seeing them play together.  I have been trying to make changes in my parenting and it is so wonderful to see how much it helps them play better together! 

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Chastina said...

It's so fun and frustrating when they start wanting their own way. I think my kids spent a lot of time when they were little in their pj's.