Thursday, February 2, 2012

Perspective is an interesting thing.  6 months ago a job in Everett or Spokane was so far away.  Now I would give anything to have Britt working that close.  We have made a huge decision in the moving/job front.  We decided that being together is the absolute most important thing.  Alexis has started school, we can't sell our house without taking a loss, and Alaska isn't paying enough for us to fly and visit let alone making the move.  So trusting in the Lord Britt put his notice in and is coming home.  I am honestly not as scared as I was when this whole thing started.  I am at peace that we have come through some serious fires and are going to be stronger then ever.  I know there will be more fires and that the coals are still hotter then ever.  He currently doesn't have an offer for work, he will be able to collect unemployment still though.  We have started putting applications in and are praying that something good will come through soon!  I can't wait for the next few weeks to go bye and we can be reunited.   Perspective.

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