Friday, February 24, 2012

I am sitting here with a feverish baby who is shoving raisins and crackers in my mouth, not gently I might add.  I have been thinking a lot about the last 7 months with Britt gone working in Alaska and how grateful I am for the trails that come our way.  I would never in a million thoughts had imagined how our year was going to go last year.  We had a great paying job, pretty good insurance and were not preparing as we had been counseled for years.  I look back and think about how foolish we were and the Primary song has a renewed meaning.  I guess I always thought it didn't apply to me.  The Lord has ways to help us learn and grow and we needed it.  I can't say how things are going to go for the rest of this year.  We have chosen to put our family being together first and so Britt is coming home in a week unemployed again.  I am oddly not nearly as stressed or worried as I was in July 2011.  I think because we were so caught up in making the same amount of money that we couldn't see the reality of what life could be like.  Now we just want to be together.  We have had some very frustrating experiences and very tense moments when it felt like it was too hard to keep trying.  We have come so far in seeing how our marriage was lacking and our spirituality was less then bright.  I love my husband and am so anxious for him to come home that I wish he would just hop on the next plane and be here already.  I am ready to face our next chapter head on holding hands with my husband.  I have 2 great kids who fight and scream, laugh and cry, hug and kiss, and make me so happy and so frustrated that I want to laugh and cry(at the same time too).  Today Alexis whispered in Megan's ear and Megan whispered back.  It was so sweet and perfect.  Life is good, even if it is the golden platter we envision it to be.

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Jenn said...

You have for sure made lemonade out of all the lemons :) Stay strong!