Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alexis is such a crack up, seriously the things she thinks up are awesome.  The other day we were making dinner and she decided it was time to talk about Uncle Jon cutting his hair(he had longer hair then I do).  See Aunt Stephanie had told us earlier that day he cut his hair and this must have been a big deal to Alexis.  She starts by telling me that he doesn't look like a girl anymore because he has short hair.  I agreed that long hair is usually on girls.  She then tells me that he looks handsomer.  Haha I love her little words.  I then tell her that daddy is the most handsome in the world.  She is quiet for a few minutes thinking and then says mom you will hurt peoples feelings if you say that.  I smile, you know that all knowing mom smile, and tell her that it won't because all those other people have some one telling them they are the most handsome in the world.  That satisfied her that everything is fair in the world.  

Today while doing her homework she is given 2 endings and then has to make words with them using certain other letters.  The endings were in and ig.  She is writting pin and for some reason she writes pis and then proceeds to sound out the word.  I am waiting for her to catch it before she says the whole word, but alas she doesn't and says it.  I silently laughed and she moved on without another thought and erases the s and writes then n.

She is a sleep walker big time.  The other night she came out walked around into the kitchen to the garbage can opened the lid and pulled her pants down.  She was so asleep that she didn't even notice my hysterical laughing while I helped her to the bathroom.

Megan has only intensified her NO.  If she doesn't agree with me she says no and will hit something or someone.   I love this stage even if it means wrestling her to put a diaper on.   She doesn't waste words on gibbering.  When she speaks it has a purpose and I love it.  Megan is a people watcher and is super smart.  She understands most of what I ask and can do 2 and 3 step activities.  Such as the other day she wanted in Grandma's room, that is where the licorice is, so I told her to go and get grandma's hand and ask her to come get you licorice.  She ran her little feet to the other room and did it exactly.  Granted licorice is pretty awesome, but to not get distracted along the way and to remember to bring her to the bedroom is really good for a 19 month old. 

I love my job!

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