Monday, April 16, 2012

Alexis has been saying the funniest things and i kick myself for not writing them down right away. I did tonight though. She got home from school and I checked her lunch since she has to be on such a restricted diet. She didn't eat the chicken. When I asked her why?  She asked if chicken comes from animals. when I told her it did, she said no way am I eating that. Later she was doing her online homework stuff and called to daddy "Come look it is going to crack your life up Daddy."  Megan was trying to grab something off the counter and slipped off the box she was using and kind of cried. Alexis jumped up, ran over to pick her up and then turned on us and asked us in the most accussing voice she could muster "what is wrong with you 2 parents, she is hurt and you didn't even get up to get her." She lovingly brought the injured child to me who promptly stopped crying and got down to run off and play. Haha she got played by  a baby.

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