Friday, March 16, 2012

we had to take alexis to the ent this week. she had one of her tubes out and one in her last doctor wanted to take the tubes out at the 2 year vmark. this doctor doesnt want to. alexis has a lot of fluid in her ear and the doctor suspects that removing the tube on the other side would cause that ear to collect fluid also. she perscribed a nasal spray for allergies. i am aways cautious when giving meds like this but her chronic runny nose is gone after only 3 days on the meds. the doctor is hoping this helps with the fluid and combined it with an antibiotic. she then did a blood draw to test her to see what she is allergic to. i really dont know how parents who have really sick kids handle seeing them poked and pin cushioned. it was the sadest thing to see alexis so stressed out and upset. she cried all the way home from enumclaw which is about a 30 minute drive. we find out in 2 weeks what this kid is allergic to and then can hopefully aviod it or at least treat her so that she feels better. oh the joys of children. next up is megan to the ent for her ears...that part daddy is going to help with since he had the samething.

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