Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alexis and I were driving to a wedding reception last night and had to stop at the store for the gift.  I asked her what she thought we should get them and she said "we should get them baby clothes because they are going to have a baby now!"  I laughed, knowing the Mom of the bride I almost got a baby item to throw as a joke.  In the end I took the higher road and just did a cookie making kit.  I had seen a gift from another friend, super cute she had this chest that she put about 6 games in, so we bought cookie cutters, bowls and wooden spoon, baking pan, cookie mix and frosting so they can have a fun little night with some friends or by themselves.  I love gifts that give the newlyweds something fun to do outside of the bedroom! 

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Mommagunn said...

I saw that gift on the table and thought it was such a cute idea, since she loves to bake stuff. But the baby clothes would have been a funny touch!