Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alexis was very funny today. She has been fighting her naptime with extreme crying and throwing her body around. So I didn't force her nap today and during dinner at my parents she was sitting in the high chair talking and eating and all of the sudden her head start rolling and her eyes were closing. It was so sudden that we all just stared at her all covered in green peas and sleeping with her head slumped over on the side of the tray. We quickly grabbed our cameras and snapped a few shots in, then carefully wiped her hands and face and laid her on the couch. I guess that will teach her to not take a nap…or did it teach me. She was running around her as happy as can be until 11:30pm when I finally got her to slow down and go to sleep. So tomorrow I will probably try a different approach to the nap!

Also I finally got to the chiropractor. I woke up Saturday morning without the ability to turn my head to the right. I am not exaggerating either…I had to turn my whole body because it felt as if there was a flex straw in my neck that only went one way. I suffered through the weekend and found out that I have a bulging disk in my neck. He said that there is no know cause for this debilitating condition (ok that was my description of it because I felt disabled). So hopefully I will be feeling better after Tuesday's appointment.

So I have been feeling very guilty because I never got Alexis in to the photographer for her 1 year pictures, but today as I was thinking about it I realized that I had some exceptionally cute pictures of her at the park that were taken just a week or so previous to her birthday. So I am going to have a bunch printed it up and call myself done with that task. I really am relieved too! It is Crazy how getting a kids pictures taken can become such a heavy brick on the shoulders. Done with a check mark! Now I just need to get my Christmas decorations up, hopefully tomorrow won't bring almost 4 inches of rain so I can make it out to the garage to get them.

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Jenny M said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the bulging disk. Did you know that Jared's sister, Jenny has two in her back? Also, Jared has been having a lot of backpain lately and is waiting to get insurance coverage for an MRI. I don't know if bulging disks is hereditary, but just thought I'd let you know!

Thanks for keeping us posted on your cute blog!