Friday, December 14, 2007

Catch up from the week

For Family Home Evening this week we went to the Zoo Lights with Erin and her kids and Grandma Shirley. We had fun even in the cold. It was it the low 30's! We bundled Alexis up in coats and fleece blankets, gloves(which she kept on the entire time) and a hat! She could barely move in her stroller it was funny. She loved the lights and really loved it when we turned her loose and let her run around! Anyways we are trying to make a effort at have a planned family home evening so that we can teach Alexis. Our Bishop counseled us to make sure we are teaching by the spirit so that is our goal for the new year, to have family home evening and teach by the spirit.
I should also mention that we had our finally home visit for finalizing the adoption! It has taken so long(thanks to crapy lawyers who took our case when they don't do adoptions) but now we are in the final stretch. We are waiting now for the adoption investigator to write up her post-placement study and send that to our attorney. Then they will call us, if I don't call them first, and schedule the court date. The court date will be quick too, they are held every Friday at 9 am and take 10 minutes. We just have to schedule them by Thursday for the following week. We are very excited to take her to the temple and have her sealed to us. Once we find out our court date we plan to go to the temple 1 week later. So all our friends and family that want to go will get 2 weeks notice. I wouldn't have it any longer though.

So on to our attorney, Joni from the adoption inv. told us that she has never seen this attorney do an adoption(every adoption in Pierce County goes through her). I was really mad that they told us the do adoptions when they don't. I am going to tell them a few mean things after this is done and then let them know that they will not be receiving anymore money from us because of their mis-handling the adoption and for even taking a case that they don't know how to do. So i have learned a lesson and so will they. I am also going to tell them that if they ask for more money that I might just get another attorney and sue them. Joni told us that they have charged us more then this adoption should have cost. So anyways just had to get that out.

This year Britt is going to help plan and buy the gifts we are giving to others. Usually I do it all and then hear him complain because he doesn't like my gift. So what a relief that he wants to help instead of hinder!

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