Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Today Britt and I went shopping for food at Fred Meyer and Alexis was throwing a fit; even though she was riding in the car cart.  So Britt took her out to let her walk around; which works only when he is there because she wants to wander the whole store.  So onto the reason for this post, she was very cute as she went through the store she would pick stuff up that daddy gave her to put in the cart and I could hear her calling momma as she came to find me.  Seeing this tiny little girl carrying a box of garbage sacks was so cute!  She carried a two litter of pop to me.  She is awesome.  It was cute when we asked in the fruit roll up isle what snack she wanted and she grabbed the fruit by the foot (which she loves), then she grabbed the curious George snacks and that was it!  She watches curious George every day. I just love her. She fell asleep on the way home at 7:30 and so britt and I have had the evening to ourselves to watch the Biggest Loser Finale. We also put our tree up last night and she doesn't bother it all the time just every once in a while, which is good! I have one present left to buy and maybe something else for britt and then I am done!!!!

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