Thursday, December 27, 2007

Potty training

Well I wouldn't think a 16 month old would really be interested in Potty Training, but since Alexis is so smart she wants to start early. Last week I was getting her in the bath and her diaper was dry so I sat her on the toilet just for fun and she went pee pee. She thought it was pretty cool so we bought a potty chair. She loves the little potty and will go in the bathroom and carry it out into the living room. Well today she went in the bathroom and was sitting on it and I thought it was cute. Well she came out of the bathroom with a stinky diaper. I think I may have missed a golden opportunity! I am actually really bummed that I didn't take the time to take her diaper off and let her try. I have it in my mind that she is too young. So I am going to try real hard to watch her and let her try the potty more often. She is also trying real hard to pull her diaper off, she gets it down around her hips and can't get it any further it is funny to see her little bum checks sticking out over the diaper!

3 lil' notes:

Fox Family said...

You're just lucky she wants to! Hopefully she does well! :-)

erin said...

That is so funny!!! Alma went poo one time and decided I was taking too long so he took off his pants anad then diaper! It was funny but I had to sanitize everything!!! Hahahahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Well Kids,

I am glad that I don't have those wonderful wafting aromas floating around my house any longer...

But I wish you the best in your endeavors,


We are so sorry we can't be at the temple...UNLESS...a big fat letter comes our way stuffed with big bucks! We love you and we will go to the temple here on that day.

Dad and Sandi