Thursday, September 27, 2007

1 Year Check Up

Well she had her well baby visit today. She is 31.75 in length (86%) and 22 pounds. The doctor is concerned because last week she was 22 pounds 11 ounces. She has been really picky about food though and getting a molar. So she wants her back in 2 months to make sure she is gaining still. So her food issues continue today, gave her a sandwich and she smashed it all over the table threw it on the floor and wanted down. I don't know what to do with her! Anyways she was very unhappy with me because I wouldn't let her play with the keyboard so she throw a tantrum. Then when they gave her 3 shots she cried so hard, but mommy was smart and brought her laughing hippo for her to hug and that helped a bunch, she held it all the way home. She was so cute. But the aftermath of these shots so far has not been bad. Last time she cried hysterically for hours and then didn't move at all if she didn't have to for 24 hours. She hasn't cried just been a tad clingy.

Then after her nap she put my 20 day new cell phone in the dogs water bowl. It had to be replaced. Lucky for us Verizon was generous and let me buy a new phone for $50 they were going to have me buy a new battery for $50 and give a re-furbished phone but gave me the first option we took it. My new phone in the end cost us $100. So that is my daily saga.

2 lil' notes:

Jenn (& Joe) said...

what an eventful day!!!

Ashley said...

Your baby is way bigger than mine LOL

I think I'm going to start feeding her twinkies.

Love the piano picture :)