Saturday, September 8, 2007

Just some thoughts

Funny how things end. I had two baby showers to attend today. I asked Britt if he would take the baby so I could have some time away and just enjoy. Well I really missed her. She is so cute and funny and I missed her. I did enjoy not having to do the mom duties at the parties, but again I missed her cutie pie self. I would love to say she missed me, who knows she doesn't speak grown up yet. She is talking baby so much, saying lots of sounds all squished together. I love it when she says momma. So I finally got her to sleep after her cousins left. I love when she snuggles me. I ask her all the time to just cuddle and she insists on getting down to play. Oh well I knew it would happen. I guess I am just happy to be a momma. I think all you mom's out there should know that you are the best.

1 lil' notes:

Kate said...

I missed her too at the baby shower!! She is such a joy baby!