Friday, November 9, 2007

Sick Girls

Well today is a day of relief. On Monday Alexis and Mallori woke up with fevers, crabbiness, and a mysterious rash on their bums and Alexis had it on her feet. First thought was that maybe her new shoes were causing the rash. Then the rash started to move to the arm pits and down the legs. So I thought maybe it was hand, foot and mouth(Hereafter named HFM) even though neither had the mouth or hand part. Then Alexis had two little sores in her mouth yesterday so i thought yep it is that incredible contagious virus HFM and where on earth did these two girls get it from.... still don't know that part. Anyways Mallori went to the doctor yesterday and it is NOT HFM. It is a virus but not as serious and the girls are not contagious now. What a relief and Alexis work up today and her feet look much better and she even ate half her breakfast before throwing it on the floor.

That leads me to the hardest thing about being a parent is taking care of the health of our children. I find it very hard to make the choice take them in and be sent home with a "Just give them TLC and it will pass" or to watch and see at home with the hopes of "It will pass" and then have to make a rush trip to the urgent care. I have gone to the urgent care twice but it was on the weekend the first time and the second time I knew she had an Ear infection and needed antibiotics, which I didn't want to wait until the nest day to start.

Anyways the girls are fine and our plans can once again go forth. I was finding it hard to think of having to stay home and isolate ourselves because of HFM.

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