Friday, November 16, 2007

Imitation is the greatest flattery

Alexis is very cute lately. She copies me all the time so here are some examples:

1) At Uncle Collin's last week she was rubbing the table with a mitten and we realized she was washing it...I was saying look she is coping me then she licked it and washed some more (I was very quick to deny that I like my wash clothes to clean!)

2) If something gets spilled I will wipe it up and then she has to wipe it up even if it is with her blanket or sweater.

3) After i tell the dog to go lay down or something she will point and jabber something at him.

4) She wants lotion on when I put it on and chap stick to!

5) She loves washing her hands and will put her hand under the pump to get soap!
I just love her!

1 lil' notes:

Fox Family said...

That is so true about when you say something to Rudy! She is such a goofy child!!!