Friday, November 16, 2007

Celine Update

My husband is very cute. He got home from work last night at 10:30pm and went and took his coveralls off. Then came out into the living room and was talking to me, he started to get crabby because I was talking and he was saying he wanted to go to bed because he was getting up early. So I said then lets go to bed, climbed in bed and leaned against my pillow and felt something hard. I thought that some how Alexis had put a book in my pillow case and reached in to get it. Well it didn't take long for me to process the plastic cover to realize he had bought the new Celine Dion CDfor me. He is so sweet. It isn't that is cost a lot but that he knew I wanted and so he got it and then surprised me. I Love him....He also is considering the concert even though it would be over $100 for us to go! He is the greatest!

1 lil' notes:

pines said...

how sweet tell britt that he needs to teach kev how to be sweet.